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stemma di famiglia

The estate of Castelnuovo Tancredi encompasses more than 600 hectares of the surrounding hillside of Buonconvento, between Montalcino and Siena, in the renowned Orcia Valley.
Many illustrious Italian families have left their mark on this property over the centuries, such as the Guglieschi, the Borghesi, and the Tancredi families, from whom the property has taken its name. The current owners, the Venturini Del Greco family, who acquired the estate in 1897, have strived over the years to maintain the traditions and the true flavor of Tuscany.
Dating as far back as 1315, the land surrounding the main villa was extensively planted with olive groves, vineyards, and vast forests.
In the 1700s, the olive and wine production grew to such proportions that justified the construction of numerous cellars in the scattered farmhouses, as well as an olive press.
The entire farm upholds the “Organic Agricultural” methods, from the cereal and grain production to the D.O.P extra-virgin olive oil, including the 4 hectares of planted and specialized vineyards.

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